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Project Description


Chiusdino is an Italian town located within the province of Siena in Tuscany. The origin of its capital, Chiusdino, is remote, and may date back to the Lombard domination of Tuscany. The location chosen by the couple was Borgo Santo Pietro. Once inside, a replace and cozy furnishings welcome you upon your arrival. It is perfect as a meeting place or just for dining. In the music room, the classical Italian decor mixes with the typical style of the Borgo, creating a relaxed, elegant, beautiful, and harmonious atmosphere – as the notes of the grand piano. Their de nition of luxury is attention to detail; they o er friendly service which is unsurpassed; and you may live unique experiences in a comfortable yet elegant environment here – this is Borgo Santo Pietro. It is more than Tuscany, it is an experience. Charlene was without a doubt the most interesting bride that I ever photographed. Her oriental features reminded me of the genius of Kim Duk Kim, and brought to mind the wonderful photography of two movies that I love so much: 2046 & In the Mood for Love. The evening ended with a candlelight dinner for two.