My family, film photography, and I – LOVE  THIS

I grew up in one of the most important photography studios in Calabria. I spent most of my childhood in that place, in that studio where I would lose myself – where I began to study and to observe everything which concerned Photography – analog Photography, of course! There were rolls of film; numerous cameras that my uncle had strewn here and there; negatives; burnt film; and photo doubles that my uncle saved in a box. I remember the counter where everything was thrown about – maybe it was too high for me to reach, or maybe I was too little, so I always had to ask someone to grab the things for me. One day my uncle gave me a stool, this way I could look at the things anytime that I wanted. Every single afternoon I climbed that red stool and looked at those photos for hours and hours – sometimes I would take one home and re-create that famous box in my room. If I close my eyes – I can still hear the sound of the machines, loud and clear. I also remember my uncle’s mechanical daily routine – the dark room, negatives all over the floor, his back turned to me, his box of Merit’s, and rolls of Kodak 36 mm film. I spent my afternoons submerged in all that was once considered analog photography- but for sometime,I thought that my uncle was a painter, because it was with the brushes that I saw him give life to the colors of his photographs. My first shot was taken in his presence with a Hasselblad 903, which was one of his first cameras. I still remember the rollercoaster of emotions the moment before you press that button. I knew that the moment would accompany me for my entire life, and still today, every shot taken, is always taken with a bit of his eyes.