I grew up inside one of the most important photography studios in Calabria. I spent most of my childhood years inside of that place, and despite the enormous amount of time spent there – if I close my eyes – I can still hear the sound of the machines, loud and clear. I can still remember my uncle’s mechanical gestures that he performed daily, the room dark, the burned negatives, and the Kodak 36 rolls of film. I spent the afternoons immersed in all that was once considered analog photography, but for some time, I thought that my uncle was a painter, because it was with the brushes that I saw him give life to the colors of his photographs. My first snapshot was taken in his presence with a Hasselblad 903, which was one of his first camera’s. I still remember the rollercoaster of emotions the moments before you press that button. Inside of me, I knew that the moment would accompany me for all my life, and still today, every snapshot taken always has a bit of his eyes. I graduated from the University of Rome in Tourism Sciences, and then moved to England where I attended the British Study Center of Oxford. It was precisely in England that my passion for photography became a job. I began working with several architectural firms in London, photographing various architectural complexes in southern England. My desire to tell stories through the camera that I carry around Europe brought me to steal real-life shots in: Spain, Morocco, and Berlin. It was in Berlin where I lived for some time, recounting the underground world of the metropolis through my snapshots. Upon my return to Italy; I became fully devoted to the activity of photographer, specializing in the wedding field. I offer creative photographic services throughout Italy.

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